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Usage process of hemp dryer

Sep,18,2019From: Guoxin machinery

Uniformly put hemp leaves on mesh belt of dryer, through the conveyor belt from the first to the last layer, according to the drying requirements, using hot air as drying medium from the bottom to the top through material. Moisture evaporate from the top of dryer, then dried hemp are transported by discharge conveyor.

hemp dryerindustrial belt dryer 


Drying is the most important part in processiong hemp or hemp flower. It adopts hot air circulation technology to reach the moisture content below 10% after drying, accurately control temperature and humidity to ensure that the moisture content of hemp is controlled within the range that can be stored and further processed. The operation is simple and trouble-free.

Guoxin machinery is a large, powerful equipment manufacturer, after years of practice, based on the biological characteristics of hemp, summarized suitable technology and equipment for processing hemp. Hemp processing equipment including: hemp shredder machine, hemp decorticator, hemp dryer etc. We exported to the United States, Canada, Lithuania, Switzerland, Australia which all get good feedback.

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