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Leaves dryer is suitable for a lot of materials

Sep,18,2019From: Guoxin machinery

leaves dryer machineleaf dryer 

Nowadays, more and more hemp leaf processing plants have adopted leaves dryer equipment to meet more requirements of hemp processing and the turnover of market supply and demand, so as to dry and process hemp in large quantities with environmental protection and no pollution.


Leaves dryer is suitable for a lot of materials, high application value


Guoxin leaves dryer of strong adaptability to materials, can dry a variety of materials, such as vegetables, fruits, feed, leaves plants, tea and other dry operations ,the drying effect is very good for the material with the particle size below 5cm.


The material that often USES drying at present has: hemp, chili, garlic slice, ginger slice, steam rice, lotus leaf, moringa leaf, basil leaf, laurel leaf, pineapple leaf to wait a moment, these materials have excellent mature drying cases, trusted by users in many countries.

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