• wood chipper & wood crusher
  • wood chipper & wood crusher
  • wood chipper & wood crusher
  • wood chipper & wood crusher

wood crusher & wood chipper machine

Product description:

Wood Chipper machine is a cracking equipment that applicable to family or small processing of wood, And it's widely used in production of paper making, edible fungus, shaving board, sawdust, high density board, fiber board.

Brief Introduction:

The GX wood crusher is specially designed for various wood materials, integrating cutting and crushing functions, greatly boosting the working efficiency.

Raw materials can be paper, chipboards, sawdust boards, high-density boards, fiberboards, branches, corncobs, straws, bamboos, pine, cotton wood, cedar wood and so forth.

Feature / Advantage:

  • 01

    Automatic Feeding:The automatic feeding inlet ensures quick and convenient operation as well as high efficiency.

  • 02

    Stable Performance:Continuous and stable crushing is performed by the machine, with a high degree of reliability and security.

  • 03

    Long Lifespan:Alloy-made components and self-aligning ball bearing with a large power contribute to a firm structure and long service life. Plus, the double-edge blade enjoys a lifespan of 500-1000 hours.

  • 04

    Easy to Move:If demanded, we also provide portable crusher for outside production.

  • 05

    Cost Saving:Backed by advanced technology, the crusher has a low energy consumption and saves a lot of cost.

Technical Data:

Model Power (kW) Capacity (t) Inlet Size (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
GX50-4 22 1 280×250 1250×650×1000 300
GX60-6 37+7.5 2 600×350 1750×900×1550 900
GX80-8 55+11 3 800×380 2200×1780×1500 1100
GX80-12 90-110+15 6 1200×450 2300×2300×1500 1900
GX90-15 132+15 8 1500×500 2500×2600×2200 2600

Packing / Delivery:

(1)FCL: in nude for standard exporting container.Machine fixed by steel wire rope.

(2)LCL: wood case
Dunnage bags are used for fixed the machine
Plastic film is covered on the machine as a rain-roof.